Dental Marketing Book

dental marketing book orderDental marketing expert Carolyn S Dean’s ‘Fully Booked’’ is the must-have dental marketing book for any practitioner trying to market a practice.

It comprehensively yet succinctly delivers valuable insights, useful tactics and essential systems.

Covering all of the major aspects of traditional and online marketing specifically for dental practices.

Learn how to

  • attract new patients to your dental practice
  • retain existing patients
  • grow referrals, using marketing in a structured way to avoid wasting your time or money.

Dental Marketing Topics

The book covers numerous topics, including marketing planning, practice branding, referrals programs, social media and online marketing.

‘Fully Booked’’ delivers information in an understandable, actionable level in an effort to allow dental professionals reading it to not only understand the information presented, but more importantly to be able to put this information to immediate use in their businesses.

Regardless of previous marketing experience, by reading this book, dental professionals (and/or their office/practice or marketing managers) will gain a keen understanding of how to vastly improve their office’s online visibility, reputation, and ultimately revenue.

Whether you are a long-time practicing dentist or a new dentist this is a must-have book. 

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Fully Booked has been widely endorsed by:

  • Dental practice owners
  • Dental practice managers
  • Key people within the dental industry

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